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6 Best Kids Learning Games for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

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Now here you perceive the best procedure to learn pre-education to your growing children by providing them kids learning games for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. These educational games may help your kids to acquire basic consciousness. These learning games for iOS are very essential for kids for the reason that, it makes your child’s mind sharp and creative before moving to school and the kids also attract by these type of apps.

Kids Learning Games for iOSYou can download kids learning games for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. All of them are free to install and provides in-app-purchases to unlock their full features. We are providing you best kids learning games here, which are as follows:

Phone for Kids

Phone for KidsIn this app your kid can acquire the basic knowledge, like the names of weathers, alphabets, direction meter and the name of colors with the help of sounds. This app may also help your children to have information that how to make a call? And How to deliver a text message? Phone for kids will surely help you to teach your children the primary education to make him/her a brighter student in the future.

Phone for kids have many other games like coloring the animals, calculations, road signals indication, name of the animals and also the shape learning activities. But you have to buy the Pro version to unlock those games to increase your child’s fundamental knowledge.

Letter Quiz

Letter QuizLetter quiz is all about to become proficient in alphabets, in both small and capital letters, name of the fruits and other is how to write an alphabet? Also, match the same alphabets and be in contact with alphabets to produce the sound of the ABC. The features of this app are very enlightening for your children before going to school.

Letter quiz is one of the most instructive kids learning game for iOS and this game conveys the effective pre-knowledge to add creativity factor in them.

Fun English

Fun EnglishFun English is a memory based game and it is also very fascinating for the kids, such as testing the memory of a kid by hearing the name of the color and later match it with the spoken color. Another game is smashing the bubble of the same color that shows on the screen and another sub-game is about find the color of the object after watching the picture of that object.

Fun English includes many other levels like mixing the two colors to form a single color and spell the colors after hearing the name of that color. This game would help your child to increase his/her ability to remember.

Toddler Games for Kids

Toddler Games for KidsToddler games for kids also introduce the best features for your kids like alphabets ABC, numbers 123, simple calculations like (1+2=?), names of things, animals, the solar system and shapes, what comes next (related to the objects) and name of the flags of different countries with the help of the voice, which are available in these games. These are exceedingly beneficial for your children.

This app is providing your kid more elementary knowledge before starting the school, so your child will be able to communicate with others confidently.

Alphabet Aquarium Letters Reading

Alphabet Aquarium Letters ReadingHere is another alphabetic game named as “Alphabet Aquarium Letters Reading” for the learning of kids. This is the game with alphabet puzzles with letters and animals. The letters are placed under the water that teaches letter identification and association of an alphabet with a word.

Alphabet Aquarium Letters Reading is totally a fun learning game, which develops the attention of the children towards its features, because of its colorful graphics and music. It also helps your child to learn ABC letters through puzzles.


EduKidsRoomThe Edukidsroom game app is to be composed of amazing features like making the xylophone through alphabets, pair the flip-flops by matching the colors and search the matching letters hidden in the boxes. It contains other learning features like tell the time after watching the clock and differentiate between clean and dirty clothes. It includes many other interesting and informative levels.

You can also unlock the full version of these kids learning games to get more instructive activities for your kids to teach them more.

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