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iOS 8’s Healthkit like Health and Fitness Apps for iOS 7/7.1/7.1.1/7.1.2

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There are various Health Apps for iOS 7 that are great in function and characteristics and seem like iOS 8‘s Healthkit app. Techzend brings a handful of these apps for the users of iOS 7.

Health and Fitness apps iOS 7

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These health apps are essential for every young and old because these apps can help anyone to remain healthy and fit. Especially, for iPhone 4 users, these apps are most beneficial because they aren’t going to get iOS 8 update for their devices; so, they can fulfil their healthkit app’s need with these awesome health and fitness apps for iOS 7 and higher.

Let’s start reviewing some of the top rated health and fitness apps available in app store.

Personal HealthBook App

Now you don’t need to download three different apps for your weight, blood pressure and sugar tracking. Health tracker & manager for iPhone is a rattling app that gives you personal Healthbook, that keeps record of your blood pressure, weight and sugar level. It gives you a detailed information on blood pressure such as the pulse, systolic, MAP (Mean Arterial Pressure) and Diastolic details. Its body mass index helps you to get every bit of required details such as BMI, Height of the relevant person and Weight, etc. You can download it in $1.99 only.

Health Tracker and Manager-1

Note: You must be over seventeen to use this health app, because it contains some statistics that wouldn’t be suitable for children.

Read more about Personal Healthbook app Here.


Fooducate is a tremendous app that helps you in losing weight and in requiring your desired weight. It explains you what to eat and when to eat for a healthier life. It elaborates you the nutritional values of every food item and helps you in finding out its alternatives that can improve your healthy eating habits. Fooducate, as the name suggests gives you detailed analysis of the food items you are planning to eat and gives you its calorie details, so that you may learn whether you are going to eat healthy food or just going to remove it from your diet. It is absolutely free and there is no age restriction for the users.

Fooducate iOS app

Read more about Fooducate Here.


This is what every user needs to download for a healthier life. It is not just a health tracker, but a fitness doctor as well. You can track your Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Weight according to the height and age by using this outstanding app. If you’ve high cholesterol problem and your doctor has advised you to control it then TactioHealth has the option to track your cholesterol levels on daily basis. Furthermore, if you’ve joined a gym or working out daily then you can also track your activity with its activity tracker feature.


You do not need to download any other app to build nutrition and fitness plans for you. It provides you everyday meal plans to enhance the functioning of your metabolism. It has another feature that is known as Health Coach. Health coach works like your virtual trainer and can be used to set reminders for the dentist, eye check-up, blood pressure monitoring and a visit to the clinic of your family doctor. It is absolutely free app.

Read more about TactioHealth Here.


Optimism is another incredible app that is absolutely free, but precious in value. It is actually a mood chart that enables you to build your plans if you want to manage bipolar, depression and various other mental and physical health conditions.

Optimism iOS app

Read more about Optimism Here.

Microsoft HealthVault

If you want to track your health conditions, medication, allergies and immunizations regularly then Microsoft HealthVault is a good option. It also deals with your privacy and confidentiality of health data, if you want to keep your data private manually then check out my previous guide about iPhone’s security.

Microsoft HealthVault-5

It obtains health information from different authentic online sources and then shares that info with the people trustworthy to you. It is a free app and if you are anxious to know more about HealthVault, you can visit

Read more about Microsoft HealthVault Here.

Share health apps you’re using on your iOS 7 device with us and we’ll share that app here in this article.

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