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Best Google Chrome Extensions that Highlight Nofollow links

Posted in For Bloggers9 years ago • Written by Hammad RafiqueComments Off on Best Google Chrome Extensions that Highlight Nofollow links

When it comes to link building, SEO experts must check backlinks for nofollow and dofollow attributes; because nofollow links do not pass PageRank and anchortext. Nofollow relation attribute normally used by webmasters to secure their PageRank.

Nofollow Highlighter Chrome Extensions

If you don’t want to pass PageRank then you can make all low quality external links nofollow; the nofollow tag is a signal for Googlebot that you don’t trust that link. But making all of the external links nofollow isn’t a good practice, because by this you will also make all trusted links nofollow, while Google knows that those nofollow sites are trusted and you are presenting them as untrusted, it will leave a negative impact upon crawler.

Also, if you want dofollow backlinks from others, you must give dofollow backlinks to others. If all webmasters think that nofollowing all of the links is a good practise, nobody will pass PageRank and anchortext, and both of these are bases of link building and SEO.

Webmasters who want to check that if the under observation link is nofollow or dofollow, usually check it via source of the page. But what if you want to check links in bulk for nofollow attribute? it can take time and will be irritating for you. Statistics by W3school shows that near about 60% of internet users, use Google Chrome, that’s why I am going to share some nofollow highlighter chrome extensions that will help you to highlight all nofollow links available on a webpage.

4 Best Google Chrome Nofollow Highlighter Extensions

Nofollow Simple

Nofollow Simple is an awesome extension that instantly highlights all of the nofollow links placed on a page. You are just required to install it and further no need to perform any configurations, it will start working automatically. The highlighted nofollow links will be shown with a red line border around them, as shown in the below image.

Nofollow Simple Chrome Extension

Install Nofollow Simple from Here

SEO Site Tools

The primary purpose of this SEO site tools extension is not to show nofollow, even many webmasters don’t know that this extension can be used to highlight nofollow links as well. You are just required to install it and click on its button available at the top right of the chrome browser, after that a window will appear and simply mark the radio button of “show nofollow”. After following the procedure, all of the nofollow links will become highlighted with red color.

SEO Site Tools Chrome Extension

Install it SEO site tools from Here


Mozbar is an incredible chrome extension that helps you to check domain authority, page authority and mozrank. Now it has updated to its latest version that is version 3.0.64 and has added much more features in it. You can also use it to highlight all of your links including nofollow, dofollow, external and internal.

Mozbar Chrome Extension

Install Mozbar from Here

PageRank Status

Basically this extension normally used by webmasters to check PageRank of websites but it can also identify nofollow links available on a page. It doesn’t work like other highlighters, it provides you with a list of dofollow and nofollow links available on your selected page. To use it, click on its button and under “Link Stats” tab you will find all of your nofollow and dofollow links separately.

PageRank Status chrome extension

Install PageRank Status from Here

I hope you will like these nofollow highlighter extensions for chrome, if you have any other extension, you can share them with me by commenting below.