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5 Best Alternative Websites to Check Alexa Rank without any Limit

Posted in For Bloggers9 years ago • Written by Jenny Aaron6 Comments

If you are running a website, you would definitely be concerned with the ranking of your website and the best way to check the ranking of your website is to visit Alexa. The webmasters can visit it for authentic ranking information, but the major problem for the users is that they can visit it only for a few times without being Alternative WebsitesIf they want to use it for time and again, they need to get register on the site. For this, they need to open an account and Alexa will charge a fee for it. Alexa does not only provide the information regarding global ranking of your site, but also about traffic details to more than 8.8 million website owners every month.

It also provides the information regarding the domain owner and the number of pages your website contains. It also gives you the information regarding how many times your site is being pointed (get backlinks) by other sites and how frequently the site is being updated.

Now the problem is that the webmasters cannot use Alexa if they want to get the ranking information frequently. They have to pay $9.99 for it per month. It becomes costly for the beginners and thus, it becomes necessary for them to look for Alexa alternative websites where they can check Alexa ranking without being registered.

Here you will find the list of 5 best alternative websites that can facilitate you to check the Alexa Ranking of your website without any limit.

SEO Mastering (Provides Bulk Checking Service)

SEO Mastering is one of the best and renowned website that can be used to get the information regarding the Alexa ranking of your site. When you visit the site, you will see a box in front of you where you need to provide the name of your domain. If you want to check the ranking of more than one websites, you can also do so, but you should be careful as this is a free website and it allows only 5 URLs to be entered at a time. Now you need to select the Data Type from the dropdown list whether you want to check Rank, Reach, Pageviews, Search Visits, Bounce Rate or Time on the Site, etc.

The next option is Data Range where you have to select the duration for which you want to check the ranking of your site. It will be from 1 month to 2 year. Now you should hit the “Continue” button to view the graphs.

This site is absolutely free of cost and you do not need to pay even a single penny for visit it frequently.

Click here to visit SEO mastering.

Small SEO Tools (Provides Bulk Checking Service)

Small SEO Tools is another wonderful online source that can be used for checking the Alexa rank of your site. It is very simple tool that gives you thorough details of your site. It gives you the details regarding 1 up to 10 websites at the same time.

It is the fastest and quickest way to know about the Alexa Rank, about the current status of your website and even about the incoming links. It gives you the complete analysis of your website and generates the reports for you that are quite custom deliverable.

You just need to enter the URL of your site in the given box and click the option “Check Now” that can be seen below the box. Within a few seconds you will see the details about ranking, current status and the incoming links before you. It is free tool that can be used without being registered to the site.

Click here to visit Small SEO Tools.

The PCMan Website

It is a free tool that promptly checks the ranking of your site and gives you the authentic report about the traffic within six months and the ranking of the site.

You just need to add the URL of your site in the option given to the site and hit the button “Get PageRank”. The only condition to show your site in the graph is that your website should be in the first 100,000 websites. Otherwise, it will not show any data.

Click here to visit The PCMan Website.


If you want to get the authentic information about the ranking of your website in the fastest way, you would surely prefer It is indeed the best alternative of the where you can check the website ranking without paying any fee.

You can visit it frequently and as many times as you want. No registration is required for it. You need to enter URL of your site in the box and click “Check Alexa Rank” option. It will show you a graph that contains the ranking history of your site. You do not need to add any security code to obtain data.

Click here to visit 99webTools.


GenerateIT is a good option for the users who need to check the ranking of a single site. It is absolutely free, but you need to add the URL and also add the captcha code in the given boxes and click “Get Rank” option at the bottom of the box. You will get the traffic ranking of your site.

Click here to visit Generateit.

If you have any other website’s suggestion that is capable of addition to this list, then let us know by commenting on this article.

Note: All of the above websites are picked by our staff members and you may need to enter security code (captcha) on some of the websites provided above.