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11 Superlative Email Clients for Windows

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Looking for any renowned Email Client for you? Here is a wise and perfect selection of the best and outstanding Email Clients for the users of Windows. Let’s have a bird’s eye view of each of them to know the features of these Email Clients.

Best Email Clients for Windows


Thunderbird is a wonderful Email Client for the users of Windows. It is basically powered by Mozilla that gives more convenience to the users to deal with all of their email accounts from single tray. The users of Windows get a top ranking email client with outstanding qualities in the form of Thunderbird. This is how to use Thunderbird.

When you download Thunderbird, you need to set the System Integration for it whether you want to receive only Emails or Newsgroups and Feeds too. Select your preferences and go ahead.

Thunderbird-System Integration-1Once you have finished the process of adding email accounts to Thunderbird, you would be able to receive the emails in it and the below images show a Gmail account in Thunderbird where you can see all of the required functions and features.

Thunderbird-Gmail-2In the whole, Thunderbird enables you to use a completely protected and secured emailing system where you do not get spammed emails and irritating content. You do not need to pay any cost to download this wonderful Email Client as it is a freeware.

Get Thunderbird from here.


EmailTray is one of the outstanding Email Clients available for the users of Windows. Find here what EmailTray does for the users.

It helps in sending or receiving emails whether you are using Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, MSN or any other email account. You can use multiple email accounts in EmailTray as the name of the client suggests it is a tray containing all of your email accounts in a single place. You would be able to be notified by EmailTray when you receive any important email from any of your contacts. EmailTray is more and more concerned with your emailing system security. You would not be irritated by the Spam emails while using EmailTray. This amazing email client enables you to view the Facebook activities information of the sender of email exact in the message window opening in front of you.

Once you have installed EmailTray on your system, you need to add your email accounts to it to retrieve the emails from it.

EmailTray-Adding Accounts-1Now EmailTray windows appear before you. Here on the very left corner you will find an option “Top Priority” where you will find the emails from your top priority people whom you are looking for a prompt response. You can fine-tune the priority of the emails from your contacts by using the priority options given to the very right top corner of the window as it has been shown in the image below.

Priority Options-EmailTray-3It can be used on Windows Vista, XP, Windows 7 and 8.1. It is absolutely free of cost.

Get EmailTray from here.


Postbox gives you more freedom and convenience of receiving and sending emails to your contacts with a perfect security system. You would be able to get an outstanding Gmail integration, easier access to your social networking communities and a better and improved support for Dropbox. You can organize your folders and account in the form of a group. You can also keep your personal account and professional accounts separate by using this amazing Email Client. You can use its Automagic Tagging function that enables you to organize the emails by using a specific keyword.

It is quite easy for you to shift from one email account to another if you have added multiple email accounts in Postbox. Moreover, you are 24 hours in touch with all of your social contacts on popular online social communities.

Postbox-Gmail Account-1

Get PostBox from here.

Inky Email Client

Inky is what a user can desire to have for an organized system of sending and receiving emails in a unified Inbox. It gives you more freedom to send and receive images and files from Cloud. You can sort out your account’s data according to its relevance. It does not make a difference if you have a POP or IMAP account. You do not need to go through the complicated process of adding server and port numbers while you are adding your email accounts as it discovers the account’s server and port number automatically. You just need to provide your email address and password.

Inky is more concerned with your security and that is why it Alerts feature warns you about suspicious emails and you can avoid them with the help of this option.

This is how Inky works for you.

When you have done with the installation of Inky on your system, it will appear on your screen. You need to wait for a while as it takes a few moments in installing its components. As you add your email address and password to the given boxes, the automatic system of Inky would be able to recognize the email provider and you do not need to add any other information to it. It will lead you towards email box.

Inky-Automatically recognizing Email Provider-2Here you will find the menu to the left side where you can see the icons showing your emails and your social messages too.

Social Community Messages-Inky-3You can sort out your data by using the category “By Relevance” that can be seen next to the “Inbox” and “All”. You can sort out your data by using different options from this category.

Sorting by Relevance-Inky-4Get Inky from here.

Zimbra Desktop

Zimbra is an awesome email client that is available free of cost for the users of Windows. They can experience their emails, synchronization of documents and important files, calendars, social contacts and many other features in a novel way. You would be able to use a unique platform where all of your active email addresses will be working and you can even enjoy chatting with your social and official contacts with a click of mouse only.

This is how it works for the users.

When you finish downloading, a window will appear on your screen where you need to add your email address, password and Account name. Now Zimbra appears before you where you can also get updates from your social contacts as it has shown in the image below.

Zimbra-Social-2The below images shows some of the prominent features of Zimbra, including Mail, Address book, Tasks, Briefcase, and many more. You can use this amazing email client for more comfortable emailing systems that would be absolutely secure too. You can use this free email client for multiple email accounts.


Get Zimbra Desktop from here.


Mailbird gives you every advanced feature you are looking for. You can download its free version, but its Pro version is also available for the users of Windows. You would be able to get more exciting features in quite advanced way in Mailbird. If you want the best support for Gmail, Outlook, Exchange and Cloud, it would be surly the perfect Email Client for you. If you use its Pro version, you can experience a wide range of exciting features and functions in it. It makes your emailing system safe and secure and you get sure defense against the spam emails while using Mailbird.

This is how it works for you.

When you finish its installation to your system, you need to add your Email account and password. Make sure you are using an active email. Now it appears on your screen. It’s simple and organized interface enables you to follow your tasks conveniently.

Mailbird-Setting account-1

Get MailBird from here.

Claws Mail

When you are looking for an Email Client for Windows online, you will surely select an email client to give a quick response with an easier configuration, having stability and simple, but graceful interface. Claws Mail is indeed a perfect email client for you with all these and many more qualities. You can experience intuitive operation of sending and receiving emails, outstanding features and extensible while using Claws Mail. The outlook and the design of its interface is according to the users who are switching from various other famous email clients so that they do not bother about operating this amazing freeware. You would be able to import all of your important emails from your previous client.

Claws-Mail Inbox

Get Claws Mail from here.

eM Client

eM Client provides you an advanced and easy way to use an amazing, but simple interface. You can use a modern email client that supports the Exchange and Google apps thoroughly and even you can synchronize your Calendars, emails or contacts including social contacts on different services or servers.

When you start it, you need to add some information in it regarding your email account and password. Once you have done so, you would be able to access your account in eM Client. It gives you the freedom to send or receive every kind of confidential, professional and personal emails without any security risks. eM Client is available free of cost.

eM Client Email-2

Get Em Client from here.

Opera Email Client

Opera email client gives you the best services for viewing multiple emails at a time and you can move from one to another easily. It is an amazing email client that works smarter for the users of Windows and helps in organizing your emails according to your preferences. It is absolutely a free email client that works better than many paid email clients.

When you finish downloading Opera, you will see a Window appearing on your screen where you should type your name, email address and the name of your firm or organization if you are using a professional account, otherwise leave it blank. Later you need to provide your email account and password. That’s all and you will start using an Opera email client that can give you an easy access to your Facebook contacts without visiting Facebook site.


Get Opera email client from here.


IncrediMail is faster email client for the users of Windows. If you are looking for a perfect email client equipped with modern features and tools to give you safe and secure emailing services, IncrediMail is an ideal freeware for you. You would be able to download it from its official site. It seems a little bit tricky, but its use is quite simple just like other email clients. You can connect all of your professional and personal contacts by using its organized Inbox where you will receive emails and sort out according to the categories.

When you are done with its downloading and installation process, you will see its window, where the email accounts will be given that can be used in IncrediMail. You need to select your email server from the list and later you need to add your email account and password in the given boxes.

Once you enter the email ID and password, you will see the Inbox of IncrediMail where you can experience a lot of new features. Set the preferences according to your desire in the Inbox.


Get IncrediMail from here.


Mulberry gives you an easier access to all of your email accounts at once. You do not need to switch from one email account to another email account by signing in and signing out. It is convenient for you to use multiple email accounts at one platform without wasting much of your precious time. You surely admire its simple, but graceful interface that does not bother you while you use it. It is easier to use even for a layman. You can download it without paying any cost. It is not only available for Windows, but also for Linux and Mac operating systems. You can download its latest versions Mulberry v4.0.8 and MulberryAdmin v4.0.2 from its official website.


Get Mulberry from here.

So guys! We have discussed above a long list of best and outstanding Email Client where you can select a perfect email client according to your preference on the basis of qualities. Most of them are freeware and you can use them without paying fees. So, download any of the above-mentioned Email Clients to bring ease in your life and to save your precious time. The list of Top-ranking Email Clients has been arranged due to the characteristics they possess, but you can experience any of them as all of them are really excellent for Windows users.

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