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Best Corporate Antivirus Software that Helped me to Protect my Business

Posted in Tools & gadgets10 years ago • Written by Jenny AaronComments Off on Best Corporate Antivirus Software that Helped me to Protect my Business

This report analysis-cum-guide explains how you can make your office’s computers absolutely secure from malware, spyware, viruses and spams that annoy you and destroy some or all of your personal data and may cause your system for being slow down.

Corporate Antivirus Software

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The advancement of technology in the field of computer science did not only bring the beneficial ways of progress for us, but also the corrupt ways for the people with bad intentions. You can see a great deal of advanced applications for the benefit of man and even lots of evil applications that can make a person to face the worst situation. Spam, malware, spyware and viruses, etc. can be considered the same evil applications.

Why Companies need Antivirus Software?

What Happened to Jenny? (That’s me)

I would like to share my experience that truly happened to me a few weeks back. I am running an export business related to Hoisery. I have long discussions with my sister living in London frequently. One day, after lunch time, I was busy in chat with my sister while sitting in my office. Besides the official talk, we began to discuss about various movies and songs. She sent me some links to download some Hollywood thrillers as she knows very well that I am fond of thrillers.

It was a thing of excitement for me because I was going to download my some latest thrillers. After saying adieu to my sister, I started to click the links to open them with no delay. One followed by the other, all of the links were opened and I was too glad while downloading all of the movies on the said sites. Within a few hours I was able to download all of them. Now my task was over and I shut down my system as I had to leave for home.

That very next day when I came to the office and opened my system to start working. The situation was so annoying for me because the system was running too slow. I was so irritated by the situation and really I was shocked because I was trying to open one page and the system was opening the other. I was hovering my mouse cursor on one icon, but it was moving over another icon. This is what was happening with me. I was unable to understand this situation that was getting worse. Now all of my employees were complaining that their systems are not running well and they are getting error messages and even some of the systems in my office were too slow.

More Discouraging Situation

I started the process of Scan Disk by opening a very popular Antivirus program, I purchased for the security of my system, but the situation was again discouraging for me as the software was unable to resolve this issue. Even after a half hour’s scan disk, the problem was still persisting.

More Discouraging Situation

I called one of my cousins who was related to a software house and was expert in tackling this kind of situations. He heard the details regarding my situation and then sent me a link on my WhatsApp and asked me to get that corporate software as soon as possible. He told me that he has also faced the very similar situation with the computer systems in his office and this software gave his system complete security from virus and spyware. I opened that link in my browser and started downloading it.

Best Corporate Antivirus Solution

Best Corporate Antivirus that Fights with Viruses

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My experience of downloading and using BDAntivirus program was excellent and amazing as it was fast in action and it removed all of the errors occurring in my system. BitDefender Antivirus completely secured my system from the access of malware, spyware, rootkits. Even it completely secured all of the computer systems connected to the same network and thus, I was able to secure my official data from the worse kind of viruses and system errors. I was relax now because I knew that it can secure up to 300 computers connected with one network. Isn’t it amazing?

If you’re going through the same situation or have a business then you should secure your computers with BitDefender antivirus software, as it’s the best and low cost among all solutions.

Download links for BDAntivirus Software according to your Company’s Size