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5 Best Cloud Storage Apps for iPhone that Offer more than 10GB of Space

Posted in Apple10 years ago • Written by Hammad RafiqueComments Off on 5 Best Cloud Storage Apps for iPhone that Offer more than 10GB of Space

How would you feel if one day you wake up in the morning and see blank screen on your iPhone with zero data in it? All of your pictures, videos and documents that you collected in past years vanish away. It is difficult to recover these data files without the help of any good data recovery software for iOS. Same thing would happen if a phone snatcher snatches your iDevice and takes it away far from you. For many people, data is more important than their iDevices, because their iDevices may contain private media files and confidential documents.

5 Best Cloud Storage Apps for iPhone that Offer more than 10GB of Space

The ancient way to keep your data safe was, copying all of your data by transferring it to your PC. But we are next generation people and can’t waste our time in migrating data from iOS device to PC. The faster and easier way to keep data safe is preservation of data at online resources. To store data online, cloud storage is the ever best option, because in case of data loss from your device, the data keep exists in the cloud storage; you can restore your data to iDevice in just few minutes. Below are some cloud storage apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch offering free storage space more than 10GB and upto 50GB.

Free Cloud Storage iOS Apps

Mega (50GB Free)

Free Storage: Mega’s network is foremost among all storage space providers competing in market, because mega is offering huge space to all of its supported platforms. iOS App by mega is also available on app store and it offers 50GB of free space to its free users. Just after signing-up for a new account at mega, you’ll be provided with your free space bundle.

Mega iOS app (50GB free Cloud Storage)

Basic Features: You can create as many folders as you want in mega’s iOS app. It allows you to upload your images and videos and you can enable the photosync option to start upload process automatically. This photosync feature will upload all of your photos automatically in just one tap, and this process will run in background and wouldn’t disturb other task running on your iDevice.

Passcode Lock: Passcode lock provides functionality to lock your mega app, also there is a sub-feature in it, that will erase all of your data after 10 failed login attempts.

Install Mega from Here

Google Drive (15GB Free)

Google drive isn’t well known app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Also Google drive is perfect for other platforms including browser, desktop and Android.

Free storage: Google drive offers 15GB of free space to its users. And you can buy more 25GB space in just $24.99/year.

Google Drive iOS app (15GB free storage)

Basic Features: Its features are best among all available cloud storage apps because it allows uploading spreadsheets and documents as well as photos and videos. Businessmen can use this app to upload and share their MS Office based documents.

Passcode lock: Just like mega, Google drive also provides facility of passcode lock, this feature secures your data from data thieves.

Useful for Whatsapp: In my previous article, I shared a tip to send music files via Whatsapp from iPhone, the method was made successful with the help of Google drive app.

Install Google Drive app from Here

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Box (10GB Free)

Free storage: Box iOS app provides 10GB of free cloud storage and you can upload files with maximum size of 250MB. If you want more storage, you have to upgrade to pro version of Box. In pro version you’ll get 100GB of free storage space and maximum file upload size of 5GB per file.

Box iOS app (10GB free cloud storage)

Basic Features: Supported files in box’s app other than pictures and videos are MS Word, Powerpoint and PDF documents. Its interface to upload files is user-friendly and you can instantly share your files on social media.

Other Features: Its cache feature helps you to access your documents even you are far from internet. Other minor features include passcode lock with better configuration, sounds for options, list folders and show files’ extensions.

Install Box from here


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