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Best Business Apps for Windows 10, 8 and 8.1 totally free

Posted in Windows8 years ago • Written by Hammad Rafique1 Comment

Microsoft Windows is the most installed and used operating system on desktop computers, laptops and now even available for tablet PC’s. The excessive use of windows is because of its user friendly interface and customization leverages. Windows apps create ease for Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 users because they can perform any difficult work with these third party apps; Windows apps are just like software or tools. Moreover, all these windows versions can also be installed on multi-platform comprising desktop, laptop, tablet and windows Smartphone too.

Best Free Business Apps for Windows

Now we are going to discuss about some handpicked free business apps for windows 10, 8, and 8.1.

Superlative Windows Apps for Business Owners

Task Manager Free

Task manager as the name suggests is a best windows app that allows business owners or entrepreneurs to list and track all their important tasks. It has a simple user interface that maintains user’s concentration towards task management rather than style. This affluent app has proficient stock features such as, self defined task organizing categories that permits user to customize and set tasks according to their priority.

Task manager free also shows the title of the task, related description and due date for keeping task tracked every time user opens the app. Alongside this Windows app demonstrates high priority tasks on top of the users created task list. Furthermore, app also has all contiguous task management features too, like marks finished task as soon as it’s done, an expert app dashboard having quick access to tasks that are incomplete and ought to be done soon. Overall app is a dependable task manager for managing entrepreneurs’ defined tasks expertly, alongside following them adequately.


Box is primarily a cloud storage windows app, which is being widely used by world’s top companies. Box helps you to view, access, edit, and share files on various platforms from anywhere by just having internet connection. It’s a best way to avoid losing your important files, pictures and videos. Moreover, it procures cloud storage of 10 GB for free and if you want to remove this limit, you can buy more.

Furthermore, box allows users to pin files to start menu to see real time updates, moreover you can cut, copy and delete files and folders. Thus, Box is a must have Windows app for businessmen to access their important files from anywhere by just logging in to their accounts.


Have you ever imagined of generating some text without typing anything? Yes it’s possible with the help of ArcNote Windows app. Normally the shortest thing business owners have is the “time”, so they can save time by capturing photos and taking out the text available on them with this awesome app. It also permits users to control and classify those image notes and you can also store those image notes in any cloud storage account. You can crop every image you’ve captured and also adding text in those images is also possible with ArcNote.

TeamViewer Touch

Teamviewer is a well known remote desktop application that allows its user to remotely access any other computer via it conveniently. Users just need to install Teamviewer on both devices and after few configurations they will be able to access the remote computer. Teamviewer is a specialist remote access application, which is being used by over 200 million users worldwide for troubleshooting any issue of someone else computer or for any other purpose. It is mighty helpful for many businesses as well who provide after sale support virtually to their customers regarding their products. Teamviewer is equally beneficial for home and office users for accessing and customizing any other PC from anywhere.

Soda PDF 3D Reader

Soda PDF 3D reader is an absolutely exceptional PDF files viewing app that is capable of providing 3D viewing paradigm too. Furthermore, application provides real life PDF document reading experience, like the app turns the pages as they are hard copies of your documents in your hands. Also there are lots of other PDF viewing modes available for every kind of users, view your PDF documents without the need to convert PDF files to any other format. Entrepreneurs can have this app to increase their grace and speed of work.

RemindMe for Windows

RemindMe for Windows is another productive business app for windows that has the ability to remind task and to-dos to windows users. It works in such a simple but proficient manner, which allows users to remind important future tasks with real-time countdown support, you can pause and resume timer at any time. In addition, RemindMe’s excellent compatibility with Windows helps users to get real-time notifications.

There are Millions of apps in Windows store that are suitable for businessmen and entrepreneurs, if you’re using any good Windows business app then you can add your app in the above list, let us know by commenting on this article.

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