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Best Battery Cases for iPhone 5s, 5 and 5c to Boost-up your Battery Time

Posted in Apple10 years ago • Written by Hammad RafiqueComments Off on Best Battery Cases for iPhone 5s, 5 and 5c to Boost-up your Battery Time

Another article from my heart about some best iPhone battery cases for better stand-by, media playing and talk-time and also to protect iPhone from scratches and serious damage.

It’s now a long time that I’m sharing my best experience about security of gadgets, as I’ve shared a detailed article about iPhone’s protection that covers both hardware and software protection tactics. Except iOS devices, other smartphones allow you to take out their battery manually if you want to replace or remove it, but this minor feature isn’t available in iPhone. So, this article will give you a solution to avoid opening you iPhone and also you can protect your iPhone’s battery in a futuristic way.

Best Battery Cases for iPhone 5s, 5 and 5c to Boost-up your Battery Time

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Why you must have a battery case for your iPhone?

Reason 1:

The most common problem iPhone users face is the short battery time of iPhone. Apple is constantly trying to improve battery time of iPhone but high speed processor and other parts don’t allow any iPhone’s battery to live longer; that’s why iPhone users are using iPhone battery cases because they get two batteries simultaneously, if the default battery goes down, the embedded battery from the case supports iPhone to run.

Reason 2: (My own Story)

I was playing football with my friends outside and my iPhone 5 was in my pocket and it was raining. Usually I give it to my friends whom are sitting outside the play ground and enjoying the match, but that day I forgot to do so, I think that was a unlucky day for me.

Suddenly, when I shot the football, the iPhone came out of my pocket and dropped in the mud water. I didn’t noticed that my iPhone is on the ground and its back had become entirely wet.

One of my friend alarmed me about my iPhone and I rapidly took it up and wiped it with my shirt, but it was too late, because the battery inside was damaged with the water.

It was annoying because it cost me more than $23 to buy a new iPhone 5 battery from Amazon. The worst thing happened with me that I manually opened the iPhone and put the battery in it with a screw driver(Made for iPhone 5), the resale value of my iPhone went down by $100 because my iPhone wasn’t sealed one.

Reason 3:

Another reason to have an iPhone’s battery case is that iPhone battery cases made from good material keep you battery cool, because while listening songs or playing games with high volume, iPhone’s battery gets hot.

After that incident I promised myself never to use an iPhone without a battery case, because it’s more than something important.

Let’s start here about some hand picked iPhone battery cases that are for iPhone 5, 5s and 5c.

iPhone 5/5s/5c Battery Cases

Maxboost Battery Case (iPhone 5/5s)


Maxboost’s battery cases are the most popular among iPhone users and it has the most positive reviews from its users. Also, it’s a all in one battery case solution for iPhone 5 and 5s in low price.

Maxboost Battery Case

Maxboost battery cases are available in different colors including black, pink, white/purple and white/silver. Just like others, it  not only doubles the battery life but also adds 20% extra in that. It’s the best solution to make iPhone’s battery long lasting, no other case can provide this much battery usage time. Moreover, the Maxboost case is slim and protects iPhone from scratches and from getting broken.

Furthermore, it can be charged through micro USB cable and also have a battery level indicator on its back. It contains cut outs for USB port, handsfree port, camera and LED flash light.

Users’ Reviews

Maxboost Battery Case Reviews


$49.95 with free shipping.

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Lenmar Meridian (iPhone 5/5s)

You can trust this iPhone battery case with closed eyes, because this battery case is certified by Apple itself. Obviously, Apple wouldn’t certify any product without a deep research and everyone know that Apple is famous for its products’ quality.


Lenmar Meridian is Apple approved iPhone 5/5s supported battery case, that has more powerful battery with long lasting battery time. The battery case looks cool with its black looking graceful body, and also it gives your hands a softer experience, because it is made of rubber.

Lenmar Meridian battery case

You can charge your iPhone directly from the battery case, and both the iPhone and the case will charge one by one. On its back, there is an indicator, when your case’s battery will reach the maximum level it will let you know with a blinking light. Moreover, you can charge iPhone with micro USB cable, that further connects with USB cable of iPhone.

Users’ Reviews

Lenmar Meridian case reviews


$59.51 with free shipping.

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EasyAcc (iPhone 5/5s/5c)


It fulfils basic needs of a user for which he buys a battery case, the case protects your iPhone from all dimensions because it grips your iPhone from front as well as from back. The upper part of the case that covers the camera is detachable, you can remove it at any time you want.

EasyAcc battery case


The embedded battery of this EasyAcc case will make your iPhone run double from its current usage time. Furthermore, the secondary battery has the ability to protect itself from high voltage and also just like iPhone’s default battery it doesn’t explode, while Samsung galaxies’ batteries are just like a bomb. :p

Users’ Reviews

EasyAcc case reviews


$26.99 excluded shipping cost.

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Voltanium Case (iPhone 5/5s)

You can trust its compatibility with your iPhone, because it’s also Apple certified. It protects your iPhone from serious damage because it’s made of some hard plastic material that can save your iPhone from getting smashed.

Voltanium battery case

It features a 2400mAH battery that will make your iPhone’s stand-by time more than 250 hours. Furthermore, it protects your iPhone’s back from scratches, for front you use any good protector.

Users’ Reviews

Voltanium Case reviews


$49.97 with free shipping.

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Anker (iPhone 5/5s)


Last but not the least, Anker is providing eighteen months warranty time, that’s best among all cases. It provides the same battery usage time just like Maxboost, and you can get awesome talk-time, media playing time and stand-by time.

Anker battery case

It has no compatibility issue with any USB charging cables. But according to users’ review, the case is a bit loose from some areas.

Users’ Reviews

Anker case reviews


$36.99 with free shipping.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed my selection of best iPhone battery cases, if you’ve any suggestion about any other battery case that is low cost and have more features, then let us know via commenting on this article or leaving a message on our social media pages.