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5 Best Astronomy Apps for Windows 10, 8 & 8.1

Posted in Windows8 years ago • Written by Hammad RafiqueComments Off on 5 Best Astronomy Apps for Windows 10, 8 & 8.1

Always striving to know more about universe is a natural human tendency that how this all came into being, what is galaxy and is there any sign of life on other planets. These are the questions keep coming in most people’s minds who are interested in astronomy. As technological innovations helped us in countless human life dimensions, the assistance in astronomy is also obtainable by making use of latest tech tools. Windows is serving countless computer users to make their lives easy, so they can perform their work in more efficient and organized manner. To get updates about astronomy and space related stuff, Windows apps are performing well; you can get these astronomy apps on your Windows 10, 8 and 8.1 computers or laptops and all these apps are free.

Best Astronomy Apps for Windows

These astronomy apps involve some innovative real time space, other planets and stars’ data for users to have a great knowledge about astronomy. Let’s start talking about these apps now:

1: Star Chart

Star Chart is top rated astronomy app that aids users to find out about mystifying facts of space and universe. Additionally, it provides staggering view of our solar system and planets, also let app users to explore entire Universe from their computer table. You can get excellent knowledge about sparkling moon and other planets effortlessly by installing Start Chart app on your Windows based devices. Furthermore, other options in this app include search, zoom, and exact distances of the elements from earth. So, overall Star Chart is an impressive proficient app for windows users, who remain passionate and curious concerning existence of universe.

2: SkyORB

SkyORB is considered as one of the most cutting-edge, but at the same time uncomplicated astronomy app, which is able enough to provide crisp 3D maps, 3D space images and other real time space data to users. It has realistic 3D content of different planets, elaborating their positions in galaxy and also provides interactive visualization of countless stars. You can save screenshots of images for later viewing and also full screen mode is available in it. Furthermore, SkyORB astronomy app provides accurate data regarding galaxy, stars, and other planets.

3: Space Photos

Space Photos is a new astronomy related simple yet innovative app developed for windows 8 and higher versions, that makes sure the supply of space photographs grabbed from various online space sources. Space Photos simply provides awesome space and galaxy photos viewing experience to users. Space Photos as the name says that entire app is developed with the idea to make available space photos and does this appropriately.

4: SkyMap Free

SkyMap is another popular astronomy app, which allows users to keep an eye on other planets and other space objects with immediate occurrence. In view of other significant features of the app, it constitutes customizable space maps along with determining user’s location with the help of GPS device if user has any. SkyMap features swift image loading, night mode support for better user experience at night and updated high quality planet and universe images.

5: NASA Image of the day

This app allows users to check out the image of the day released by NASA and also it has ability to view images in high resolution and you can save those images in your computer instantly. The source images are directly clinched from NASA’s official website. NASA as most of people know is a renowned American space agency that researches and explores space and universe by sending satellites and probes in the space.

All of the above astronomy apps are highly rated by Windows users and if you want to share your own app with us, do let us know by commenting o this article.

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