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Backup WordPress Site with the Help of Cpanel, Plugins or FTP [All Methods]

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Regular backups are important for all WordPress blogs available online. In case, you don’t have backup of your WordPress site and accidently it removes from hosting server or an error occurs in it; you’ll lost your blog, and wouldn’t be able to get it back unless you have a backup.

Backup WordPress site with the help of Cpanel, Plugins or FTP [All Methods]

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It’s not easy to leave your old blog and start a new WordPress blog, because your old may has good visitors, PageRank and authority. Because of hacking issues faced by WordPress sites, backups are extremely important nowadays.

Backup WordPress site [Methods Underneath]

File Manager Method

Login to your Cpanel and open file manager lying under files tab.

File Manager

Open your desired blog’s files directory available under public_html folder.

Select installation files of your WordPress blog and click on compress button, as shown in the below image. It will compress your WordPress blog’s files in your selected format. These files include your Blog’s themes, plugins images and other files except database.

Compress Files

Now download the compressed version of your files by pressing download button.

Download Zip file

Your blog’s files will be downloaded by following above method, now it’s time to download the database.

How to do this?

Go back to Cpanel’s home and open backups held under files tab.

Backups Cpanel

Here you will see all of your blog’s database files in SQL format. Click on your desired blog’s database file and it will be downloaded instantly.

Download Backup File

The backup process of your WordPress completes here, in case you want to restore it, simply upload the downloaded files n file manager in the respective directory. To restore backup of DB go to the backups’ area again (From where you downloaded the SQL DB) and restore your database by uploading it here.

Restore Database File

Backup  via WordPress Plugins

There are many plugins available online that help you to take backup of your WordPress blog. Below are some best WordPress plugins to download backup:

Snapshot backup

Simply download it from here and install it in your WordPress blog.

After successful installation go to “Snapshot Backup” option available in the left hand side navigation pane under WordPress admin panel. Click “Create New Backup” and download your backup file from the bottom of the screen straight away.

WordPress free Snapshot Backup Plugin

Note: This downloaded backup will contain both WordPress files and database. You can find the DB files under WP-content > Backups > DB file here.

WPB2D Plugin

This plugin directly saves your WordPress backup to your dropbox account. Just connect your Dropbox account with this plugin and start your backup in just 1 click.

How to connect with Dropbox?

WPB2D> Backup Settings> Authorize> Allow> Continue.

Connect to Dropbox

How to take Backup with WPB2D Plugin?

WPB2D> Backup Monitor> Start.

WPB2D Start Backup

After completion of the process, your backup files will be saved in your Dropbox account.

Download WPB20 from here

Full Cpanel’s Backup

You can take complete backup of all of your blogs’ files, databases, emails forwarders and filters in just one click. This kind of backup is needed in situation where you want to take your whole Cpanel’s backup for migration purposes. You will be notified via email when the backup will ready and you can download it from the given link in that email.

How to do this?

Simply go to backups’ section available under files tab as described above. Click on “Download and Generate a Full Website Backup”, it will take you to the next screen that will ask for your email ID; provide your email id there and click “Generate Backup” button and you’re done.

Full Cpanel Backup

Some other methods

Some other uncommon methods are listed below to take WordPress blog’s backup.

Softaculous: Softaculous is an installer for websites’ scripts including WordPress blog. It also provides you the option of backup; you can use this guide to take backup via Softaculous. To take backup of your blog with Softaculous, you must have created your WordPress blog previously with Softaculous.

FTP: You can use filezilla or cute ftp to take backups, but this method takes time and you can only download WP files not the DB.

XML: You can download your DB file directly from your WP panel in XML format. In case your blog is hacked, you can use this file to create your blog again, because it contains only text based data like posts, categories, tags and pages. To download this file, go to Tools> Export> Download Export File.

Note: This file doesn’t contain any images, themes and plugins.

All of the above mentioned methods are easy and any beginner can use these methods to take his WordPress blog’s backup in just few minutes. If you have your own way to take backup in WordPress blog, then let us know by commenting on this article.