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How to Get fabulous Backgrounds for Whatsapp Chat Screen on iPhone

Posted in Apple10 years ago • Written by Hammad RafiqueComments Off on How to Get fabulous Backgrounds for Whatsapp Chat Screen on iPhone

The background skin of whatsapp on iPhone is plain white and it makes your chat messages quite colorless. Normally pleasant colors and fabulous images make you feel good and out of this world.

It’s not only a thought of mine, you can get proof by yahoo chat backgrounds and Gmail skins. Every IT giant wants to provide its users an unforgettable user experience, these small things creates users’ loyalty and increases retain rate. Some things are difficult to perform in whatsapp, that includes sending of music files, sending whatsapp messages as email and sending large sized files; but getting good background images on whatsapp chat is possible with a little difficulty.

Whatsapp Background wallpapersWhatsapp has built-in option to change backgrounds of the chat screen, but it doesn’t mean that you can fill your whatsapp chat with colors. To fill your whatsapp background with awesome colorful skins, you must have good skins collection.

I am going to provide a complete guide to get the best whatsapp background skins and also implementing them on your iPhone. I am performing this task by using some wallpaper apps, because if I use desktop wallpapers then there could be a screen resolution issue. These apps are free and provides the best collection of wallpapers.

Step 1: You are required to install this app or this one, to get a better skins collection for whatsapp. If you can’t open these links then go to the app store and search for “Wallpaper+ for Whatsapp” and install the very first app. Both apps are free, but the advertisements can tease you a little. In these apps you can get wallpapers or skins about nature, cars, beach, Christmas, flowers, love, space and travel. Some of them are free and few are paid.

Step 2: Now open any of the apps installed on your iPhone, from above linked apps.

Wallpaper+ iOS AppStep 3: You will see lots of wallpapers for whatsapp background here and choose your favorite from them.

Step 4: After selecting your desired skin, tap on “save to camera roll” and then your iPhone will save the skin to camera roll pictures.

Save to Camera Roll

Saved wallpaperStep 5: Now go to whatsapp settings and further open, chat settings. Immediately after entering chat settings you will see “Chat wallpaper” tap on it.

chat settings

chat wallpaperStep 6: Now tap on “Camera Roll” and select the skin previously saved to your camera roll album. Just after selection of the wallpaper, your whatsapp background wallpaper will be changed.

Wallpaper changed

You can save your favorite skins in camera roll and set them as your whatsapp chat’s background wallpaper by using the above method. Also, it is possible to save your pictures as whatsapp background.