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Auto Save Screenshots in Windows 8.1 Picture Library Instead of Using Long Process

Posted in Windows11 years ago • Written by Jenny AaronComments Off on Auto Save Screenshots in Windows 8.1 Picture Library Instead of Using Long Process

Microsoft tried to bring a revolutionary change in Windows by introducing Windows 8 earlier, but it is true that when it disappointed the users, Windows 8.1 proved a great success for Microsoft. It brought revolutionary and the advanced features for the users and they were quite excited while operating this amazing update from Microsoft.

There are hundreds of new features for the astonishment of the users in Windows 8.1 and one of these features is the Auto-Save Screenshots. Earlier in the previous versions of Windows the users had to follow some steps to take and then save a screenshot in any Drive in their systems. They had to press the button of “PrntScr” that can be found on the very right corner at the top of your keyboard. Once they had taken the screenshot, they needed an application that could be used for pasting that screenshot. Once they had pasted the screenshot, they required to save the file as an image in their desired drive. So, it was a long process to follow for taking and saving a screenshot.

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It does not happen in Windows 8.1 and the users are able to save their screenshots with a blink of eyes. Here you will find the hidden feature of taking screenshots and automatically saving into your Drive.

Auto-Save Screenshots in Windows 8.1

Step 1: Go to the page that you want to capture by taking a screenshot in Windows 8.1.

Screenshot in Pictures Folder-FinalStep 2: Now, you need to press “Windows + PrntScr” keys on your keyboard to perform this task. The screen will blink that shows you have successfully done with the auto-saving of your screenshot. Every screenshot you take by following this hotkey will be automatically saved into the Pictures folder in your system.

Confirm the Availability of Screenshot

Step 1: You need to click the “File Explorer” that can be found on your Taskbar.

File Explorer on Taskbar-1Step 2: It will show you various options where you need to click “Libraries” and then “Pictures” in the Library.

Pictures Folder in Library-2Step 3: When you open “Pictures” folder in your system, you can find the current screenshot here.

Screenshot Folder in Pictures-3So guys! Isn’t it an easy option for you to use this amazing feature instead of following a long process?

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