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AOMEI Partition Assistant Review

Posted in Tools & gadgets4 years ago • Written by Jenny AaronComments Off on AOMEI Partition Assistant Review

AOMEI Partition Assistant is an immensely popular disk partition management tool. It contains a variety of useful features to control the hard disk and partition completely. It comes with sector-level data protection technology. The R&D team of AOMEI has tested all the features before launching for users. It has made the partitioning process very easier for even a newbie. You can manage all of the disk partition problems by using this tool. Let’s have a bird’s eye view of important features of AOMEI Partition Assistant.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Common Tools Section

Resize Partition: Sometimes, you keep videos and large files in one disk and that shows the “Low Disk Space” message. It becomes crucial for you to delete unnecessary or least important files. AOMEI Partition Assistant’s Resize Partition is particularly helpful in such situations. You can use this feature to resize the partition within no time. It allows you to shrink other disks and enhance your desired disk with a couple of clicks. You can merge partition, create a partition, delete, form and copy partition to fix this issue.

Disk Clone: Now you can clone the entire disk with a few clicks. The easy-to-follow wizard allows you to clone the disk fully or clone disk sector by sector. You can choose whether you want to clone only the used space of a disk or the full disk.

Disk Clone in AOMEI Partition Assistant

Migrate OS: This feature allows you to migrate the entire Operating System to a new hard disk or a Solid State Drive. Add a new hard disk drive with your system and click this option. The tool will automatically check the required space of the new hard disk drive for the migration of the current Operating System.

Migrate operating system

Wipe Hard Drive: Now, you can wipe all partitions of the hard drive within a couple of minutes. The feature brings multiple choices for you to delete the partitions. Remember, you can’t recover data once you use this option.

Partition Recovery: Now, you can recover an accidentally deleted partition. The wizard allows you to recover any partition fully with a few clicks. The recovery time depends on the size of the disk you are recovering.

Disk Surface Test: It checks the disk surface and calculates the damages. The test evaluates the health of your current disk and shows accurate statistics within a few minutes.

Disk surface test in AOMEI Partition Assistant

Make Bootable Media: This feature is highly appreciated by the users. You can create a bootable USB flash drive, DVD or CD by using it. The wizard has made the process very easy to follow.

Disk Conversion: It allows you to perform a few disk conversion operations. You can convert a dynamic disk to basic, a GPT to MBR disk and vice versa.

Basic Partition Operations: This feature allows you to partition the Command Line, quick partitioning of the disk, create, delete, resize, format, and recover a partition. Furthermore, you can check errors in a particular disk. It allows you to change the drive letter, volume label, and partition properties too.

In short, AOMEI Partition Assistant is a one-pack solution to all your disk-related problems. You can manage your disks in the way you like. The tool makes all disk operations easy and smooth.

  • Easy to use
  • All disk partition operations management
  • Available in Pro and Free versions
  • Checks the system errors quickly
  • 100% authentic and tested utility
  • A pack of lots of tools like partition, clone, OS migration, and many others
  • You can’t halt any action in the halfway.

Our Opinion:

It works fine for disk partition, cloning of a particular drive and for disk errors. I have tested it and it worked efficiently for disk partitioning. I resized the disk because it has been showing “low disk space caution” for a few days. With a few clicks, I enlarged the basic disk in my Windows 10. No doubt, it’s a great utility.