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How to Activate Aero Glass Transparency in Windows 8.1

Posted in Windows11 years ago • Written by Hammad Rafique17 Comments

The aero Glass transparency feature was initially introduced in Windows 8 by Microsoft. There is a lot of amazing features that were added to Windows 8.1 including Start button, aero glass transparency and the start menu, etc. You can use a lot of software for deactivating the Start Screen i.e. Metro UI in Windows 8.1 and various other latest features to bring back the same old Windows 7 Start menu, but there are just two programs you can use to enable aero glass option in Windows 8.1. These two includes aero glass for Win 8 and WinAero Glass.

The latter one gives you more ease of enabling aero glass feature in Windows 8.1 and it does not take a lot of time. So, it is suggested to you use the WinAero Glass as it doesn’t only give you aero glass transparency, but also includes glow effect and rounded corners shape to the Windows. To enable it, you just need to follow very easy and simple steps that have been mentioned below.

Steps to Enable Aero Glass Transparency in Windows 8.1

Step 1: First, you should click here to download the zip folder of WinAero Glass software.

Step 2: Once you have downloaded, you need to click on the zip folder to open it. It will show you two files where you should click on WinaeroGlass to go further.

Win Aero GlassStep 3: Now the next window appears where you have to select the option “Extract All” to extract the files from the folder that has been downloaded earlier.

Extract Win Aero Glass Zip FileStep 4: In this step you need to select a destination where you want to save the extracted files. Usually it is saved in C: drive, but you can save it to another drive according to your wish.

Location to Save Win Aero GlassStep 5: Now you will see the percentage of the files copied to your selected destination.

Percentage of Downloading Win Aero GlassStep 6: Once the process of copying files is complete, another window appears on your screen that is very similar to the screen that appears in step 2. You have to again select WinaeroGlass from two options. The screen will shake for a while and you will experience your desired Aero Glass transparency around the windows opened before you.

Win Aero Glass Transparency in Windows 8.1You see! It did not take you much time. You just spent a couple of minutes on the process because the rest of the tasks were handled by WinaeroGlass tweak. Isn’t it amazing?