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Download Three Files Concurrently on Android with Advanced Download Manager App

Posted in Android10 years ago • Written by Hammad RafiqueComments Off on Download Three Files Concurrently on Android with Advanced Download Manager App

Advanced Download ManagerThe idea of downloading a video or a song separately, through various different websites, can sound a little too tiring most of the times. Going to every website, searching for the video or the song and then downloading it, is no doubt extremely tiring but can also be highly time-consuming. And with the fast pace of today’s world, relying on such slow activities does not bode well with the daily routine of life. The advanced download manager for Android is the answer to this entire predicament.

ADM can be used in various devices supporting the system of Android, such as a phone or a tablet. The application opens with a blank, black page holding two bars at the top. The lower bar has a title of queue which illustrates all the files under the process of downloading and finished, which demonstrates the downloaded files.

While the left-corner of the top bar presents an “All” heading which shows all the files that have been downloaded, are in the process of being downloaded or have been finished; the files are categorized according to their genre. On the right-hand side, the first option has a “+” sign – clicking on the sign, allows the user to add a link, a file name, browse it and download it to the device.

ADMThe wearisome process of downloading files from different websites has been boxed up in one platform in one easy step. After adding the link, the portions of the video can be divided up to 9 parts, delivering a better chance of downloading the file at a much higher speed.

The next option with the three bars similar to each other, gives the opportunity of either starting the downloading process of all the files, stopping them all, or clearing the entire list of the files in the queue.

The bookmark option leads the user to another page, which allows you to add the URL, which you wish to get bookmarked. The history of all the files can also be seen on this page. All the lists present in this page can also be cleared by a single click to the “clear all” option. What can be easier, right?

Back to the homepage, the settings have a long list of options that can request the user’s attention. The downloading sector includes information regarding where the files will be stored, the maximum number of parts that want to be settled upon, maximum speed of every part, minimum size of every part, the number of errors and when to avail the pause option after an error and either the multi-threading is to be set at stable or is to be forced.

ADMThe Notifications sector consists of options related to the sound of the app, vibration success or errors, service icons and it also gives information about the downloading.

There is a Planning option, which allows the user to plan the entire download by setting the start and the stop time, by choosing the internet option, the scheduler and if the app should be closed down after the downloading has been complete.

The Cataloguing, shows the folders where the files can be stored, whose number can be existed whenever required. There is a Top Window, which revolves around the appearance of the application, and the Data option relates to saving settings regarding the lists, downloads and other import files.

The app with its comfort and ease level, offers one platform holding the entire show for you. Like any good app, it requires a simple manual of understanding, after which the lengthy process of downloading numerous files can be played with to the flick of your fingers.

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