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How to Add Symbols in a Document in MS Word 2013

Posted in Microsoft8 years ago • Written by Jenny AaronComments Off on How to Add Symbols in a Document in MS Word 2013

Sometimes you are preparing a document related to currency exchange or any documents related to mathematics or some other symbols. You will surely look for your required symbols on your keyboard as the keyboard has all the important symbols. Unfortunately, the keyboard has only important symbols and if you need to use some other symbols and note the symbols on the keyboard, you need to use the “Symbols” tool in MS Word 2013 while preparing your documents. Here is how you can use this tool in MS Word 2013 with a few mouse clicks only. The whole process has been explained with images to give you a clearer understanding of the steps.

Steps to Add Symbols in a Document in MS Word 2013

Step 1: Open the document where you need to add symbols. Here you will find “INSERT” menu on the Ribbon that should be clicked to show all of its options. Now in its options you need to find out “Symbol” that can be found at the very right corner to the upper side of the window. Click this option to show more options. When the options expand, you will see another option “More Symbols” at the bottom of the drop down menu that should be selected as it will show you all the symbols you need to prepare a perfect document.

Use Symbols in MS Office 2013-1Step 2: You will see a new window by selecting the above-mentioned option and you will find all the symbols in an arranged and organized form. You can also use the drop down menu in this list known as “Subset”. It will bring all the symbols in a categorized form where you just need to select a specific class and you will see all the relevant symbols in it. For example, if you are looking for the currency symbols, you just need to select here the “Currency Symbols” from the drop down list and all the currency symbols will be in front of you.


Use Symbols in MS Office 2013-3Step 3: Once you have selected your required symbol from the list, you need to close the window as it is not closed automatically after adding the currency symbol in your document. You have to close it manually.

Use Symbols in MS Office 2013-4