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How to Add a Drop Cap in Document in MS Word 2013 [Guide]

Posted in Microsoft8 years ago • Written by Jenny AaronComments Off on How to Add a Drop Cap in Document in MS Word 2013 [Guide]

Drop Cap option gives a pleasant and organized look to your documents if you want to use it while preparing some important documents for your office or educational assignment. Sometimes you are working on a vital project where you need to add Drop Cap at the beginning of your document while using MS Word. You can find it easily if you are working with MS Word 2013 as it has put all of the important options in front for your convenience. Here you will learn how to add a Drop Cap in your document while using MS Word 2013. The following step-by-step guide enables you to use and format Drop Cap with great ease. So let’s start to follow the steps without wasting time.

Add a Drop Cap in MS Word 2013

Step 1: First you should open the document in MS Word 2013 where you want to add a Drop Cap. Now go to the menu “Insert” that can be found next to the Home option on the ribbon in Word 2013. Select this option to view its tools and functions.

Insert Option in MS Word 2013-1Step 2: In the list appearing before you, there will be an option “Drop Cap” under the category of “Text” as it has been shown in the image below. You need to click this option.

Drop Cap Option in Word 2013-2Step 3: Now in the drop down list you will find some categories where you should select the last category “Drop Cap Options”.

Drop Cap Menu-2BStep 4: The menu of Drop Cap Options will appear on your screen where you need to select the option whether you want to add Drop Cap in Margin or Dropped position or none of them. From the options below you will select the style of Font. Usually it is +Headings, but you can select it according to your preferences. Now there will be option “Lines to drop” where you need to select the number of lines to cover the Drop Cap. The last option will be for distance if you want to keep the Drop Cap at some distance from your text, you can add here the distance, otherwise ignore this option and click “OK” at the bottom of the window.

Drop Cap Formatting-3Finally you will see the Drop Cap has been added to your document.

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