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How to Add a Cover Page to your Documents in MS Word 2013

Posted in Microsoft11 years ago • Written by Jenny AaronComments Off on How to Add a Cover Page to your Documents in MS Word 2013

MS Word is one of the most popular and the most wanted application in every version of MS Office. It is used to prepare the assignments and business reports, etc. Occasionally, you have to use MS Word to prepare a weekly or monthly report and you do not find some smart options to make your documents more pleasant. MS Word 2013 gives you the opportunity to present your documents in well-prepared and well-organized way.

You will find MS Word 2013 a perfect application for the people from every walk of life. It gives you the ease and comfort while you are working on it. You can easily prepare your documents by using its multitasking tools. One of these amazing tools is to add a Cover Page to your documents to make your documents more presentable before your boss and colleagues. This is how you can add a Cover Page to your documents by following this very simple tutorial.

Steps to Add a Cover Page to your Documents in MS Word 2013

Step 1: First, you need to open MS Word 2013 and prepare a document assigned to you. At the top of the MS Word window, you will find the basic menus such as “FILE, HOME and INSERT, etc. Here you need to select the “INSERT” menu. Once you select this option, it will show all the options and tools in this menu on the ribbon.

Insert in wordStep 2: In the very left upper corner of the window, you will see the Pages options. You need to select “Cover Page” option in it.

Cover pageStep 3: The system will show you some templates of Cover Page where you need to select a perfect Cover Page for your documents.

click fileStep 4: Now you will see the first page as your selected “Cover Page” of your document. Just click the Title and replace it with your assignment title. In the same way click on the “sub-title and change it so too. Now you can change the “Abstract” lines with some presentable and forceful words that can affect your boss easily.

Document titleStep 5: Once you have done with the changes, you would be able to see your assignment ready with a beautiful cover page to make your assignment a pleasant and well-organized document. You can see the screenshot below shows how your document looks with the Cover Page.

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