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Obtain Safari Like Browser Swipe Gesture in Google Chrome in iOS 7.0.x/7.1.x

Posted in Apple9 years ago • Written by Hammad RafiqueComments Off on Obtain Safari Like Browser Swipe Gesture in Google Chrome in iOS 7.0.x/7.1.x

In this fast moving World, everybody wants to be updated with the latest trends. Earlier, people used desktop PCs to get latest updates about what’s going on all over the World, but now time has changed and almost everyone have Smartphones and tablets in their hands, that are helping them to get latest updates. The plinth of surfing didn’t change and still people surf websites through browsers also on mobile phones and tablets.

Google chrome was launched few years back and before its launch, internet explorer was leading the market, but now Google chrome has the whopping share among all of the available browsers. Just like other browsers, Google chrome is also available for devices having Android OS, iOS and other operating systems.

Although Apple has its own Safari browser in its iOS devices, people though love to use third party browsers. I am also having Google chrome in my iPhone 5 and the reasons to use it are faster browsing and user-friendly interface. Yesterday I found that Safari has an awesome feature in it that lets you go back to previously opened page and also to the next page with just a single swipe, but sadly this gesture isn’t available in Google chrome by default. Below image shows the demo of browser swipe feature.

Browser Swipe Gesture Demo iOS 7

But here’s a good news for you that you can add this browser swipe gesture in Google chrome too with a simple tweak called BrowserSwipe. The tweak will add this browser swipe feature in chrome instantly and you’ll be able to go back and forward by just swiping your browser from one side to another. To move backward, swipe the browser from left to right and to go forward swipe it to right to left.

In Google chrome, it’s time consuming if you press the back and next buttons to move to other pages. If you press the back or next buttons, the whole page will load from the scratch and it’ll take some time to show up. Moreover, not only this gesture supports one website, you can use this browser swipe feature for all the opened websites. For example if you are surfing and suddenly move to google search, by swiping from left to right you can get techzend’s blog back on your screen.

Humans are using gadgets for their ease and to save time, Everybody has right to have comfort in his/her life, so gestures like browser swipe makes people’s lives better and faster.

You must have a jailbroken device to get this tweak, to jailbreak your device running iOS 7.0.x and iOS 7.1.x you can use evasi0n (For iOS 7.0.x) and pangu (For iOS 7.1.x).

To get this browswipe tweak, go to Cydia store, search for “BrowserSwipe” and purchase and install it in $0.99. If you have similar tweaks and methods to have this feature in other browsers, then let us know by commenting below.

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