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Fix: “Access is Denied” Problem in Remote Desktop Program of Windows 8.1

Posted in Windows8 years ago • Written by Jenny Aaron2 Comments

Remote Desktop was initially introduced in Windows XP for the very first time and it was improved with every advanced version of Windows gradually. Still, it is not a well-known feature among the majority of the users of Windows and most of the users consider it a pro feature. It is a very useful feature that helps a user a lot in controlling various computers attached to a network. Even if any of your friends need some technical assistance and he asks you to help him, this feature does a great help. You can enable this feature to access a distant desktop to assist your friends with technical issues.

Steps to Allow Access for Remote Desktop Connection in Windows 8.1

So, lets start the process of activating this unique, but equally interesting feature in Windows 8.1. Below you will find some easy steps that should be followed in order to activate it.

Step 1: Right-click on the “Start” button in Windows 8.1 and select the option “Control Panel” from it. It will open before you the menu of “Control Panel” where you need to select the category of “System and Security”.

System and Security Option in Control PanelStep 2: It will open “System and Security” menu before you where you need to select “Allow remote access” under the category of “System”. The screenshot below shows it very well.

Remote Computer Access 2Note: If you are well versed with the function of “Run”, you can jump to the “System Properties” by typing SystemPropertiesRemote.exe in the “Run” box.

Step 3: You will find a few tabs in the next menu where you need to select “Remote” tab. Now click to the “Allow remote connections to this computer” by marking its radio button.

Allow Remote Access 3Step 4: As you click to the option “Apply” to apply changes, it will open before you a precaution where you need to click “OK”.

Precaution for Remote Access 4Now you would be able to access your desired computer system on your network. You can connect your computer with the other one without difficulty. Hopefully, this post helps you a lot in activating the remote desktop in Windows 8.1. It helps you to connect a remote computer very easily and you do not need to use a third-party app for this purpose.