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Vestigo; Best Wifi Manager for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch [Jailbreak Tweak]

Posted in Apple10 years ago • Written by Hammad RafiqueComments Off on Vestigo; Best Wifi Manager for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch [Jailbreak Tweak]

In Android there is a better Wifi manager that allows you to turn on your saved Wifi networks’ interface from anywhere. When it comes to Wifi networks’ quick access in iOS, non jailbroken iOS devices can’t help you. But if you’re out of the non-jailbroken devices users’ list then you can get out of this problem easily via jailbreak tweaks. When I use my iPhone, I always open Wifi manager to turn on/off and to change Wifi network. To do this, everytime I have to close the app and go to settings, it becomes irritating for me because everytime I’ve to open the Wifi manager, even to perform minor tasks.

Wifi Manager

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Vestigo is a user-friendly tweak that helps any iOS user to manage his/her Wifi networks directly from the interface. You can quickly access your Wifi network’s panel from everywhere in your iOS device in just one tap. Below is the method to use this tweak in an efficient way. Time is money, and if you save time that means you’re saving money, make your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch more automated to save your time and money with Vestigo.

Wifi Networks

You’re just required to tap on the (I) button available on the top right and it will let know almost everything about a Wifi network. You can get your Lan’s IP address, encryption type, channel, bars and RSSI of any of your saved Wifi network. Furthermore, you can get passwords of all of your Wifi networks with this Vestigo as well, earlier I’ve also discussed about show password tweak that helps you to check password of saved Wifi networks; but in Vestigo this “show password” feature is complimentary. Also, Vestigo will add a scan button in its interface to help you to search Wifi networks directly from the UI interface.


Moreover, if you feel Vestigo’s default gesture difficult, you can change its gestures from the available activator. The incredible thing about this tweak is that, it works awesome with UI of iOS 7.0.x/7.1.x and also with any earlier iOS version.

You can get this Vestigo tweak from Modmyi repo in $1.59; I think this little amount is quite reasonable in exchange of these excellent features.

If you have any other Wifi manager tweaks or apps, then share them with us, we would love to add your suggestion in our article. To contact us, use our social pages or you can also do it via commenting on this article.