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7 Common Mistakes People Make When Installing Home Security Systems

Posted in Security5 years ago • Written by Hammad RafiqueComments Off on 7 Common Mistakes People Make When Installing Home Security Systems

Having a home security system in place is a worthwhile investment that ensures your family’s safety. With excellent features that come with home security systems, you can monitor all activities in your home and enjoy a peace of mind knowing all is well.

Home Security Systems

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With a wide selection of wireless security systems available, most homeowners can install their systems without any help from professionals. Despite the straightforward installation instructions in the manual and the nature of the remote security systems, it is easy to make a mistake during installation.

Here are the common mistakes made by people when installing home security systems:

Not Protecting Your System with a Password

Most security systems operate through a network. While it’s quite simple to set up, a security feed can easily be hacked by criminals. Having your system protected by a password will make it difficult for criminals to hack into your network.

Password protection is the final step of your home security system installation and one that is often forgotten. As a homeowner, you may forget your system’s password and jeopardize the security of your family. While setting a complex password is essential, you should also ensure that you keep it safe in a place you will always remember. A unique password should have a combination of letters and numbers.

Poor Positioning of the Security Cameras

When installing your security system, always choose strategic spots to place the cameras and sensors. There should be specific angles in your compound with fewer obstructions and high vantage points. For example, areas under the roof help to protect cameras while ensuring proper coverage of events.

For good results, cameras should be pointed at excellent angles. If they are Wi-Fi enabled, they should be within a zone with a good Wi-Fi signal to produce exceptional images and video streams. Ensure you test the range and check your Wi-Fi quality.

Not Installing Enough Cameras in Your Compound

Before installing a home security system on your property, ensure that you have a professional inspect your property to help you determine the number of cameras it needs. Having enough cameras will give you a complete view of your home. You will be able to capture all activities as they happen.

More cameras at different access points will also help you identify the faces of intruders. That is why you need them in all your blind spots.

Having No Remote Access to Your Property

When installing your security system at home, you want to view and monitor the footage remotely. If an intruder approaches your property, you will be able to alert the authorities. Although security cameras can scare off potential criminals, they are not all foolproof – you will still need the help of the authorities to track them down.

Having No Remote Access to Your Property

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Remote access will alert you when the alarm system is tripped. The camera will notify you right away, while the video system will capture the movement. You will also contact your loved ones to beware of the imminent danger. It is therefore essential to purchase a camera with remote access functions.

Not Weatherproofing Your Connections

Outdoor security components such as motion detectors and security cameras require weatherproofing to withstand adverse weather conditions. Your camera may be weatherproof, but the Ethernet cables connecting to your network aren’t.

Installing Your Camera System Out of Wireless Range

A lot of home security systems are wireless. They are easy to set up but only when you understand the camera range. Each camera comes with a set range from the receiver. This helps to get a clear camera feed without any errors.

Before installing your system, understand your camera range.

Not Considering the Brand

Listening to the wrong advice can make you buy the wrong security system. If you are purchasing your system for the first time, get advice from an expert. You need a reliable system that will serve you for a long time.

Many companies offer home security systems online, and they often don’t test them. You only realize after buying that they have a technical problem. A recognized brand will test the system before selling it to you. They will also offer after-sales support to ensure you are satisfied with their products.


Different home security systems come with various features and functionalities. There are those with more advanced features than others. Some can work well with your property’s requirements while others cannot. It is up to you to choose what works well for your home and ensure you get advice from a professional to avoid the mistakes above.