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How to Run Android Apps on Windows PC [Best Android Emulators]

By Hammad Rafique / January 13, 2014

It’s a daily routine headache for Android developers and app makers to test their Android apps on Android devices. It’s not that easy to carry their sample builds to android device again and again and test them. This procedure takes time and in this fast moving World; time is money. To make Android apps run smoothly on Windows PC, I have collected some good tools. By using these emulators, you can run free and paid Android apps on your Windows PC. These emulators will help you to download and install Android apps directly from Google play store.

Note: First two tools(bluestacks, youwave) has the best compatibility with any Windows version, including Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP.


Bluestacks is a light weight and wrinkleless tool, that is user-friendly and fast, as compared to other tools. You are just required to download this tool and run its setup and you are done. Click here to download bluestacks.

After downloading it open the zip file with any zip file extraction software like winrar and 7zip. After opening it, run the setup of bluestacks and the installation process will start. As you can see in the below screenshot.

Bluestacks setupClick on continue button and start the installation process.

Installing BluestacksNow you are required to enable synchronization with the app store and Google play store by signing in with your Gmail ID.

App store Sign-in

Sign-in to Play StoreNow app store and app sync are enabled and you can now browse app store.

Sync enabledNow you can install and run any app from Google play store as shown in the below images.

Google play store

Installing Temple Run

Playing Temple Run on PC




About the author

Hammad Rafique

I just love to help people by teaching them solutions of difficult things. To fulfil this promise I have chosen blogging platform.

Marion - June 27, 2014

Does Bluestacks need to be left on the pc or can it be removed after the app I want to us is installed.
In other words, will WhatsApp still run on my laptop after installation if I remove Bluestacks once WhatsApp is downloaded please? Thank you.

    Hammad Rafique - June 27, 2014

    No marion, if you uninstall bluestacks then whatsapp’s app will also be removed from your PC, because bluestacks works like an emulator to run Android apps, in short “bluestacks is running an Android OS on your Windows if you remove that Android from your PC, whatsapp will also be removed.

atif shahid - August 10, 2014

I trying to sign in with my gmail id… but it says username and password does not match… although I am using my correct details…. please resolve???

    Hammad Rafique - August 13, 2014

    It might be because you’re using two-step verification, try to login from another gmail ID without any two-step verification.

Hamza - August 16, 2014

Thanks for helpful information, i am installing bluestack.

Bilal - August 22, 2014

i install blue stacks
when i open the android games in blue stacks its not run it shows blank page

Adil - September 3, 2014

i downloaded Bluestacks emulator and install it. when i run it first time a window is open showing a message Downloading Games Data. I dont have internet connection at my home. And emulator does not going forward is there any solution to this problem so that i can run emulator without internet connection

Боб - September 9, 2014

Bluestacks doesn’t work for me.

    Hammad Rafique - September 9, 2014

    Which operating system you’re using?

zubair - September 13, 2014

didnt work on my win 7 .error code 2500 .it says blu couldnt recognise your graphic card

    Hammad Rafique - September 13, 2014

    Your graphic card doesn’t support bluestacks I think, try to use youwave and see what happens.

Salman - November 10, 2014

live tv has a fade video(not visible) only audio is listenable.please tell me how to watch live tv in blue stacks clearly on win 7

daniyal - December 6, 2014

when i click on the download button ,The connection was reset. displayed

Danish - December 7, 2014

i run castle clash and clash of clans i heard a sound and no video???????????

    Hammad Rafique - December 7, 2014

    Might be your graphic driver doesn’t support the emulator you’re using, try to use any other emulator.

      Danish - December 9, 2014

      i have intel GMA 4500 Q45/Q43 chipset family

      Danish - December 9, 2014

      And any other emulator????

asfand butt - December 11, 2014


when I start game in bluestack the game run very slowly why

Baibars - December 24, 2014

I’m yet to try Youwave but already tried Bluestacks and uninstalled it because it kills your CPU and uses quite some amount of memory too and thus lagging the PC.

I have a Core i7 1.6 Workstation
with 6 GB of RAM
And Nvidia Quadro FX880M 1 GB

Moveid - January 7, 2015

I am installing bluestacks on window 7 when i installed it i open it and downloaded clash of clans when i opened clash of clans the game appeared black what can i do.what graphic cards do i need.

Arslan - January 25, 2015

I have installed Blue stack on my pc now BLue stack in downloading game data….?
what is this?

shoaib - February 14, 2015

but not able to connect to internet

wasim - February 24, 2015

do you have to verify your cell number in whats app

wasim - February 24, 2015

in win 7 bluesracks inviornment

Hotaru - February 25, 2015

I try many times..
but after installation, it download something then Starts Initializing (then maybe Stuck) .. not going any further….
Just Initializing … ……. nothing more/else

haroon badshah - March 23, 2015

my bluestacks cannot connect to the internet . .. . .Please help me

tanzeel - May 8, 2015

bluestacks program cannot installed on my pc. why?
please tell me. ok

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