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How to Choose a Massage Chair that can replace Therapist

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More and more furniture manufacturers offer massage chairs and promise that the automatic massage through their pieces of furniture would have the same quality as a massage with a physiotherapist. But what about the promises of the industry? Can a massage chair relieve tension and effectively contribute to the health and well-being of its owner? Or are the high-tech furniture nothing but expensive “shaking stools” that do more harm than good? The clear answer of a specialized pain-medic: It depends! We present some high-quality massage chairs here.

How to Choose a Massage Chair that can replace Therapist

Are there modern massage chairs that can also be considered useful from a medical point of view? “Absolutely,” assures Professor Dr. Hartmut Göbel of the Pain Clinic in Kiel. “However, you have to differentiate a lot. There are considerable differences regarding technique and programs. “The physician gives seven tips on what to look for in the massage chair.

Massage chairs should be individually programmable

Above all, it is essential that the massage is individually tailored to the size and body type. For most high-quality armchairs, therefore, before the actual massage begins, a program is run in which the entire body – especially the spine – is scanned. In the following massage, the chair then “knows” where the right pressure points are and how intensively it can knead and stretch the body for health benefits.

Some cheap armchairs with massage function do without the body scan before the massage and bring with them a set number of predefined massage programs. Also, you can not adjust the cheap armchair usually steplessly on the own body. In the worst case scenario, there is a risk that an existing back problem will worsen even further. Consumers can assume that a cheap massage chair for a few hundred euros at least does not promote health.

Good massage chairs cost good money

Asked for a fair value for good massage chairs, pain specialist Göbel answers: “A decent armchair starts at around 3000 euros, but considering what services such a piece of furniture can provide is surprisingly cheap.” Especially if the positive effect on health and well-being is scientifically proven.

Göbel examined in his pain clinic in 2008 the massage chair “EP 30002” from Panasonic. The result of the ten-day test series: The pain of the subjects could be reduced in the trial period of 14 hours daily to 40 minutes per day. “The (Japanese) Junetsu massage technique that this armchair makes available was specifically used,” says Göbel’s medical report. “It depicts the human massage technique in professional massage.” This, of course, has its price: The tested Panasonic chair costs about 6000 euros.

Massage chairs by Panasonic are of course, available in different variants. The price for these devices starts in the medium range, but some expensive Panasonic models are also available. Customer orientation is essential to the company, which is why the Panasonic massage chairs are comfortable to use. The services of the massage chair Panasonic are also noteworthy. The user can choose between different massage programs, to combine them and to adjust the intensity. Very special massages according to personal preferences are no problem in the Panasonic massage chairs.

In addition to the luxurious massages, from pure relaxation to muscle relaxation and exotic shiatsu massage to fulfill all wishes, we also the appearance of the massage chairs Panasonic not neglected. The armchairs fit perfectly into any living space or commercial space and at the same time provide, if desired, a great eye-catcher. The choice of color and material is of course crucial.

All the features mentioned above have helped make one of Panasonic’s armchairs the winner of our massage chair.

So if you want to combine the luxury of a high-tech massage chair with great design, which is well-advised with a device brand Panasonic. Yes, you as a customer of a massage chair Panasonic will be thrilled.

Massage chair for all senses

Also, the company Brainlight with Germany branch in Goldbach can show scientific studies. Their armchairs usually combine the massage function with trance-promoting light and sound signals, which are intended to act on the user via the supplied accessories – headphones and goggles – and put him in a state of deep relaxation.

The effectiveness of this function for improving the concentration and memory performance of the Erlangen psychologist Viktor Wuchrer 2009 in his diploma thesis. The test subjects who had previously used the Brainlight system scored best both in the memory test and concentration.

Brainlight’s Jost Sagasser recommends a model that combines massage and relaxation functions. “A standard model for personal use is our Shiatsu ‘Gravity Plus’ massage chair, and it’s the combination of both that allows for deep recovery,” said the company spokesman. However, this deep relaxation has its price: 5474 Euro costs the described model according to the manufacturer.

Alternative to the massage chair

However, this is still not all that the functional armchair market has to offer in different variants: the Austrian artist Sha, for example, created a feel-good lounger that does not require a massage function. The extravagant loungers bring their owner into a deep-relaxed, trance-like state with the help of a mixture of music, light, vibration and gentle rocking.

The effectiveness of these futuristic “Alphasphere” couches has also been confirmed by studies that have already found their way into many luxury spas and are being offered in an edition for private living at the cost of € 10,500.

Find the right massage chair

Relaxation and massage chairs are available in various qualities and designs. If and, if so, which massage chair is suitable for you, you can only find out by trying it yourself in the shop. With the proud prices that you have to lay down for good armchairs, each purchase should also be preceded by intensive advice from the retailer.

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