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Airdroid: Android Device Manager Controls Device via PC without USB Cable

Posted in Android5 years ago

AirDroid, termed as the Best Device Manager App for Android, offers enough room to manage an android device through a web browser. Without even touching the android device, the complete device can be accessed and functioned through a computer.

AirdroidEvery file and activity can be handled without even attaching the device to the computer. The user only needs to download the authentic application, turn on the WIFI connection, and use the computer to function the device. The application asks for a log in to process the app, but otherwise without a login or registration, the app can be roamed.

Why we call it Best Android Device Manager?

The AirDroid comprises of three basic bars: Connection, Tools and Recommends. The connection, as told above is related to the internet connection required to push the start button for the application. Without an internet connection, controlling the device is not even remotely possible for any desktop computer.

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The Tools consist of the data that is available in the device. Information regarding the application’s Rom, SD card, Battery, CPU and the space used or empty. There is a complete list of all the applications that are available in the device, which can functioned through a web browser. The files available in the device are also shown in the tools sector, the tasks and even the network being used.

AirdroidFiles, picture and videos can be accessed through a computer. The hassle of a cable or connecting through the Bluetooth has also been diminished by this simple process of connecting the entire Android device to the computer through this application. Airdroid also allows the user to utilize the facility of accessing messages received or sent through the Web Browser on the computer – without even having to check the phone for the message, or using the phone to check the contacts, the computer is able to extract all the data from the device. Even the camera of the device, front or back, can also be accessed.

Searching for applications through the small screens of phones can get a little tiresome for users. To help people in this aspect, the app provides another feature, which allows the installation and deletion of apps or their use through the computer. Most of all, the best feature of AirDroid, is its guarantee of finding the device in case it gets lost. If the device is lost or stolen at any moment of life, the phone can be located and locked, or in other circumstances all the data in the phone can be removed in one swipe.

Airdroid is one of the applications that grant remote access to the device through the computer, delivering the extent of advancement in one use. Phone, tablets, and every other Android device can be boxed up in one computer, giving the opportunity to handle all the devices through one point, instead of using every other device for a different purpose. Anyone craving the touch of advanced technology, should definitely have a go at this app.

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