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12 Best Windows 10 HD Themes for Free

Posted in Windows6 years ago • Written by Hammad RafiqueNo Comments

#9: Ducati

Whoa! let’s have a look on one of the World’s fastest bikes, it’s my dream bike and I’ll surely buy it in future. Currently, sports bikes lovers can make their eyes cool with this Ducati’s theme.

Ducati theme for Windows

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#10: Megamind

The theme contains images of Megamind characters and it’s a cartoon film that has been popular among kids and elders since 2010.

Megamind theme for Windows

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#11: Color Splash

If you want to fill your Windows 10 desktop screen with colors then it’s the best option for you. Color Splash theme will spread paint on your desktop screen and fill your desktop with amazing colors.

Color Splash theme for Windows

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#12: Cherry Blossoms of Japan

Another pictures’ collection of Japan’s natural beauty is the cherry blossom theme of Japan. You’ll find flowers, great sceneries in this theme’s picture collection.

Cherry Blossoms of Japan theme for Windows

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Note 1: Windows 10 themes shown in the article will look much better on your desktop screen, the images are highly compressed, that’s why their result is far from the real desktop backgrounds.

Note 2: These themes are for all Windows versions including Windows 8, 7 and others, but Windows 10’s start menu isn’t compatible with these themes, so you’ll have to wait for Microsoft to launch more themes just for Windows 10.

Disclaimer: We’re not associated with Microsoft, this data is just for informational purposes and all of the above themes are hosted on Microsoft’s servers, we don’t own any of them.

If you’ve any other collection of Windows 10 themes (The official one), do share with me and I’ll add those in this article. Please don’t use third party tools and themes, they may contain malicious scripts in them and can harm your computer.


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